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10 июл 2023, 19:37
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 1.Finish the idiom: Under a cloud.

2. The phrasal verb with the meaning ‘go out’:  get out.

3.Complete the idiom: Get something off one’s chest.

4.complete the sentence: Let her think a little.

5.The adjective is   indoor games.

6.’Medical’ is matched with: treatment.

7.Complete the proverb: Knowledge is Power.

8. The correct use of Article. In the afternoon the wind increased and they soon found themselves in … difficulties.

9.The correct use of Article. The Great Patriotic war ended in 1945.

10.The correct article is: If you are hungry or thirsty you may go to the refreshment room.

11.we use the with musical instruments.

12.Choose the correct preposition. Carry on working until I tell you to stop! 

13.The correct answer is: I’m going there by air.

14.The correct preposition: There were some people swimming in the sea.

15.The sentence with an appropriate preposition is: Have you ever been to Paris?

16. Fill in a suitable pronoun. This old town is famous for its beautiful architecture.

17.Complete the sentence with the correct pronoun: At that age they don’t have social problems.

18. Fill in a suitable pronoun. Write about the results of  your training.

19.Choose the correct variant:  I was born in 1996. Nineteen  ninety-six.

20. Odd number.   69.

21. ‘495’ choose the right sentence: four hundred and ninety five.

22.The suitable adjective is: Tim was too shy to ask Alice for a dance.

.The correct degree of comparison. She is the most intelligent person in class.

24. choose the correct answer: It was the best film I have ever seen.

25.Superlative form of the ‘Dangerous’: the most dangerous.

26.She was suffering from flu when she was interviewed.

27.We use the Past Continuous: to say that are in the middle of an action.

28.Henry had visited Puerto Rico before he went to St. Thomas.

29.Choose the right variant of irregular verb: mistake, mistook, mistaken.

30.The meaning of the modal verb in the sentence. Mr. Black might have already gone. Possibility of the action.

31.future form of the modal verb ‘can’ will be able to.

32. complex object. She is expected to come any minute.

33.the correct answer. The postman is on his way. I can see him coming.

34.The correct sentence with Complex Object:  She is expected to be on time.

35.Choose the correct sentence with the Complex Object: I want you to meet my friend.

36.the appropriate endings of the sentence: Sam would take her umbrella.

37.Choose the correct noun in singular. Child.

38. report the sentence: Fred said: ‘It is stuffy here’ Fred said it was stuffy there

39.Report the sentence: ‘Remember to post the letter’, he asked me. He reminded me to post the letter.

40.Complete the sentence: As soon as they phone me, I’ll contact you.

41. Appropriate answer. We live in the city. We wish we lived in the country.

42.Appropriate answer. I wonder whether he will come if nothing unexpected detains.

43. Complete the sentence: As soon as they phone me, I’ll contact you.

44. Complete the sentence: While reading the article he had to look up some in the dictionary.

45.Perfect Participle Passive. Having been translated into many languages the book became known everywhere.

46.Gerund Simple: stealing.

47. Complete the sentence: she likes wearing expensive clothes.

48.  find the function of gerund in the sentence. Give up eating  sugar, it is not good for your health. Object.

49.  define the role of Gerund in the following sentence: Reading is my  favorite   hobby. Subject.

50 .Fill in a suitable form of the verb: Saule was surprised to see him last month.

51. Choose the words with the sound [  ] uncle,number,Russia.

52. Underlined word is: Here is some advice for those preparing to go on holiday. A pronoun.

53. The correct preposition: Tom is very proud of his father.

54.Indefinite pronouns: Somebody, everyone, everybody, someone.

55.Paraphrase this sentence: In Britain men retire at age of 65. The retirement age is sixty-five for men in Britain.

56. Complete the sentence: You are exam results were very good.

57.Find the Past Continuous tense: was reading, were making.

58.inderrect speech. Tom said that he had been there. He said he could do it there. He said it had been a long night. My sister told me that she was flying. 

 59.the sentence with Participle I is: Going home I met my friend. Standing on the bridge he watched the boats

60. Complete the sentence: It is worth seeing that film.

61.text once English man… An English man and his wife stay..: at a hotel.

62. the Englishman couldn’t find the hotel, because he didn’t remember the address.

63.his wife didn’t go sightseeing, because she was tired.

64.The Englishman asked that passer-by to give his watch, because he thought the passer-by was a thief.

65.The watch was the passer-by’s.

66.text:   television. To encourage’ means: to make somebody need to do.

67.a lot of teenagers prefer Television because: it is much interesting than walking in the street.

68.The correct sentence is: less modern teenagers are fond of reading.

69.The modern television: helps to enlarge our knowledge

70.The people accept television at home: because its quite convenient.

1.choose the correct English equivalent to the given proverb meaning. ‘Everything comes on its time’ Everything is good in its season.  2.Complete the proverb: Men learn while they live.

3.The synonym of the word ‘defile’ is pollute.

4. The verb of the word ‘Black’  to blacken.

5.The meaning of ‘stop or keep a person from doing something’ prevent.

6.find the equivalent to ‘turn or spin around a central point’ revolve.

7. Alarge area of land with few plants and little water and where the weather is always dry. Desert.

8. The correct use of article. Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad supper.

9. Correct use of article. It is a nice morning. Let’s go for a walk.

10.Complete the sentence with the correct article:  fear is a perfectly natural human feeling.

11.The singular noun in the possessive case: Doctor’s visit.

12. an appropriate preposition. Where do you usually get…? On.

13. Complete the sentence. Even though she can’t drive, she has bought a car.

14.The correct use of linking word. I was on vacation; therefore, I didn’t get your letter. 

15. The correct use of preposition. His courage is worthy of the highest praise.

16. Complete the sentence with an appropriate pronoun: They are so young that can lose their children.

17. Complete the sentence: That’s the girl who I met at the party.

18. Underlined word is: Here is some advice for those preparing to go on holiday. Pronoun.

19. Incorrect written number. Fiveteenth

20. Correct written fraction. 12 ½ twelve and a half.

21. Choose the right sentence: August is the eighth month of the year.

22. Find the adjective which is formed from a noun: Painless

23. find an adverb of time: For a long time.

24. Choose the adverb of time. Now

25. Adjectives of material. Steel.

26. Present Perfect Passive form: has been told.

 27. growing number of visitors was damaging the footpaths.

28. Past simple of the verb: cleaned.

29. He looked at the blackboard and saw that the English teacher was writing the word ‘apple’ there.

30. The correct answer: His illness got worse. In the end he had to go to hospital for an operation. 

31. Modal verb of possibility. Might.

32. Complex Object. He heard me open the door.

33. The verb followed by to [Complex Object].  Expect.

34. We believe it to be the best way out of this situation.

35. The sentence with Complex object is:  May I help you carry this heavy box?

36. fill in a suitable form of the verb: She promised they would finish the work soon.

37. Find the suitable forms of the verbs: She believed that Tom would recover soon.

38. Change into indirect speech: ‘What’s the time?’ she asked. She asked what time it was.

39. Change into indirect speech: She said she could see me the following day.

40. Appropriate answer: Our teacher wishes he chose another profession.

41. Second conditional form: past simple, would+infinitive.

42. Correct answer:   If I pass my  entrance exams I shall be the happiest man in the world.

43. Choose the unreal conditional sentence: If I had a bell, I’d ring it in the morning.

44. Complete the right modal verb. The phone is ringing, it might be Tommy.

45. Choose a sentence with Participle II: She remembered a forgotten song.

46. Which of these verbs can take both gerund and infinitive with similar meanings:  Love, prefer.

47. Sentences with Perfect  Infinitive: I’m glad to have seen her.

48. Fill in a suitable form of the verb: He promised to work all night.

49. Define the underlined word: My elder sister enjoys travelling. Gerund.

50. Complete the sentence: I hope to see you this weekend.

51. The words are in the 4th syllable: cure, tire.

52. Fill in a suitable preposition: their house will have been finished by the time you come.

53. Choose the correct preposition: The farmer was pleased with the gift.

54. The correct pronoun in the sentence is: I like speed. My car is much faster than yours, his.

55. Ordinal numbers: twelfth, third.

56. Find the adjectives: smart, busy.

57. choose the right variant: I have been working here for 6 month.

58. The second halves of the sentence are: I wondered whether the train came on time, if the plane came on time, if the train would come on time, if she knew him, if  his daughter had passed her exams, if the train had come on time.

59. Put in present participle of these verbs: add, arrive, own, play, take, tell, watch, wear. A latecomer is a person ….late, 

A competitive is someone …part in a competition,  A spectator is someone … a game or an event. An instruction is a statement…you what to do

60.Correct answer: Gerund Indefinite Passive: being cleaned, being looked, being read, being told.

61.text The weather in England: English people use the statement ‘Other countries have a climate: in England we have weather’ to describe the weather peculiarities in England.

 62.The synonym of the word ‘reply’: answer.

63.English people like talking about the weather.  Because the weather is very changeable in England.

64. ‘As changeable as the weather’-it is a person who… often changes his mood.

65. English people do not like spending their summer holidays in England, because…. of changeable and rainy summers in England

66.What is Domesday Book?  The book with  accurate figures.

67.Who is Elizabeth II? The mother of the Prince of  Wales. 

 68.Who is the text after Elizabeth I?   Prince Charles.                         

69.Why is the   Westminster  Abbey famous for?  Because of the royal ceremonies in there.

70. Why is William I, The conqueror the Hero of Britain?  Because he was very kind and  intelligent  person


1.The antonym of ‘sophisticated’ inexperienced

2.Complete the idiom: Play it by ear.

3.Paraphrase ‘to switch off’ to turn off.

 4. The correct suffix to the word ‘original’ ly.

5. The noun of the word ‘dispose’ is disposal.

 6.Give the synonym to the word ‘clever’: intelligent.

7.Find the opposite to ‘white’ black

8. ‘the’ is used: before ordinal numbers.

9. The moon goes round the Earth. 

10. An uncountable noun is: beauty.

11.Correct use of articles: my dictionary is on the top shelf on the right.

12.choose the correct variant of preposition: She lives in London. She owns a house on the Thames river.

13.Find the function of gerund in the sentence: During the lesson we practiced writing a letter. Object.

14. an appropriate preposition: Paul will look  after our dogs while we’re on holiday.

15.The correct preposition: The people will have solved the problem of pollution  by 2050.

16. Choose an appropriate pronoun: There were some people at the party that I didn’t know.

17.Fill in a suitable pronoun: Write about the results of your interview.

18. Choose the correct question word: If I try to be like him. Who will be like me?

19.Appropriate answer:   It is 15:15  It is a quarter past three.

20. Correct answer: 30.04.05 The thirtieth of April two thousand and five.

21. Appropriate answer:  Midnight: 12.00 p.m.

22. The correct answer:  It is more difficult for me to read books in English than in Russion.

23.Choose the correct answer: Good health is  more important than money.

24. Adjectives of size: tall.

25.The opposite of the adjective ‘shallow’ deep.

26. He is a very experienced teacher. He has been teaching French for 15 years.

27.Present Perfect tense sentence:  Ann’s left for Almaty.

28.This statement is not about Passive voice. We use for repeated action and talk about things in general.

29. The car is very old. We’re going to buy a new car.

30.If they had got a map of London, they might have found their hotel.

31. Future form of the modal verb ‘can’ will be able to.

32. Choose the correct variant of Complex Object:  My teacher wants me to be active at the lesson.

33.The correct sentence with Complex Object is:  She saw him closing the door behind him.

34. Correct answer: We noticed a young man sit down and order a meal.

35.The correct answer with Complex Object is:  I saw children playing computer games.

36.Complete the sentence: She  told me a story about her children.

37.Report the sentence: ‘Where did they go last week?’ she asked. She asked me where they had gone the week before.

38.The appropriate endings of the sentence: He said he had already done his homework.

39. tense changes in reported speech:  past perfect>past perfect.

40.Find the Zero conditional: present simple, if present simple.

41. Correct verb form: the children would have played in the open air if the weather had been better last Sunday.

42. Find the 2nd conditional: past simple, would+ infinitive.

43. Complete the sentence: If Marat had studied harder he would  have entered the University.

44.Present   Participle Passive. While being examined, the boy could not help crying.

45.Complete the sentence: the woman living next door works for a TV company.

46. Complete the sentence: I hope to see you this weekend. 

47.Gerund as the Attribute. After analyzing these dates we changed our opinion.

48. Complete the sentence: It’s late. It’s time to go home.

49.The underlined word is: I enjoy reading new books. Gerund.

50.which of these verbs can take both gerund and infinitive with similar meanings.  Love, prefer.

51. ‘th’ is pronounced as in the words: though, leather.

52.Choose the right preposition: to insist on.

53.Choose the right preposition: I Prefer water to juice.

54. Complete the sentence: I, you, they go to the party every week.

55. Appropriate answer:  Midday: 12.00 p.m.

56. Complete the sentence: What time is the news on TV?

57. Complete the sentence with an appropriate verb form: At that moment Jack’s wife came in and said that she had called the police.

 58.the correct Indirect Speech sentence is: The teacher asked, ‘Are you ready for the lesson?’: The teachers asked the students if they were ready for the lesson. The teacher asked if they were ready for the lesson.

59.Sentences with Passive Participle: After being questioned, Andrew left. The bridge having been swept by the flood away, the train didn’t arrive. On being heard the news she drove straight home. Having been sent to the wrong address, the letter didn’t reach him.

 60.Gerund is used in Will you stop__(to make) so much noise. She stopped ___(to eat) fast food, it is not healthy.

 I think you should stop ___(to smoke) a lot. They decided to stop___(to work) for this company.

61.Text: The friendliest country in the world. One of the friendliest country is… New Zealand

62. The lowest ranked country was United Arabian Emirates, because… the  labourers  were not eligible enough for the survey.

63.In the United Arabian Emirates 20% of the population is… natives.

64.Expatriates means: someone who lives in a foreign country.

65.The survey was to find out….the country which could be the second home.

66.text One early spring day… Why did the boy’s mother ask neighbours for help? They couldn’t come back home.

67.People like dogs because they: are genuine friends

68.The boy take the dog home because: it has a broken leg.

69. How did his mother’s neighbours find the boy? They heard the barking of the dog.

70.Why did the boy and the dog couldn’t  come back home?  A large stone slipped across the opening.


1.the definition to the word ‘Remote’ is  quite and lonely, far from the city.

2. The synonym to the word ‘rest’ relax.

3. Paraphrase ‘to put on’ to wear.

4.Find the synonym to the word ‘amusing’: funny.

5.Choose the right equivalent: There’s a lot to do. We should have more time. We need more time.

6.Find the word that refers to the topic ‘Library’ author.

7. Complete the sentence: We care for the natural environment.

8.The sentence with correct use of article: I like working with people.

9.Dr.Hammand gave me      good advice. 

10.Write ‘a’ article before the nouns: I’m happy to have … very good education.

11. Article the is used with… squares.  

12.The correct preposition is: I’m very keen on music.

13. A suitable preposition: Pupils should learn the poem by heart. 

14. The right preposition:  I bought chocolate  at break time.

15. the correct use of preposition. Many incompatibly couples stay together for the sake of their children.

16. choose ‘some’ or ‘any’ I hope there wasn’t any damage to your car.

17. The noun ‘flowers’ may be replaced with the pronoun: they.

18.Complete the sentence: I like  small towns which are not crowded.

19.The correct variant of the number 265. Two hundred and sixty-five.

20.Correct written percentage 64.8  : sixty-four point eight per cent.

21.The correct variant of the fraction ‘2/3’ two thirds

22.The correct answer. Where is the nearest bakery.

23.The correct answer: The coldest winter month is January.

24.The best alternative: Are you warm enough or do you want me to switch on the hearting?

25. Plural form of the word ‘forget-me not’ forget me  nots.

26.We use the Present Perfect. For the actions in a period of time up to the present.

27.I’ll be waiting for you around 2 o’clock outside.

28. The sentence with a suitable auxiliary verb. What were you doing yesterday evening? 

29.I haven’t read any of Dickens’ novels.

30.Appropriate modal verb: I wouldn’t buy it unless I could afford it.

31.The correct answer. They had to come back home because their bus didn’t come.

32. The sentence with Complex Object is:I can see some people walking along the street

33.She saw the door close behind them.

34.Choose the Complex Object: She wants me to read this book.

35.Choose the correct variant of a sentence with Complex Object. My parents want me to be honest.

36. Report the sentence: ‘You will get very fat if you go on like this’ Dr.Grey told Mr.White. 

Dr.Grey told Mr.White he would get very fat if he went on like this

37.Report the sentence: the teacher asked: ‘What is the day today?’The teacher wondered what day was that day.

38. In indirect speech ‘can’ changes. Could.

39.Fill in a suitable form of the verb: She said would come to London in May.

40.Choose the right sentence form:  If I stayed out late, I always got a taxi home. Zero conditional

41.The form of the 3rd conditional: +past perfect, would+ present perfect.

42. suitable forms of the verbs: If you got the job, you’d not have more freedom.

43.Complete the sentence: I  wouldn’t have gone out if I’d known he was so ill.

44.Choose the correct modal verb:  We should look after the young apple trees.

45. Complete the sentence: The woman living next door works for s TV company. 

46.Choose the sentence with Gerund: Travelling is very interesting in any season.

47.Gerund as the Object in the sentence:  He was accused of having stolen this necklace.

48.Complete the sentence: We’re sure to have a good time.

49. Define the underlined word: I’m fond of skiing. Gerund.

50. Define the underlined word: Would you mind opening the window. Gerund.

51.Choose the words with the sound [ө] thick, three, thank.

52.The correct use of prepositions. In Britain they drive on the left. He was angry with me.

53.Choose the right variant of preposition: She lives in London. She owns a house on the Thames river.

54.Pronouns and determiners used before countable nouns: many, a large number of, several, a few, few, every.

55.Thousands of people visit Antalya every summer.

56. define the parts of speech: discovery. noun

 57. My mother is going to clean the floor. I want to help her.

58.The correct sentences are: My friend Sarah said that she had never been to Kazakhstan. Sarah said that she had never been to Kazakhstan

59. Complete the sentence with a suitable verb: Excuse me for giving you so much trouble.

60.Infinitive: The new Law ordered factories to stop using children. The old law ordered factories to stop using children.          The new law orders factories to stop using children.

61.text: on the day of my first: on the day of the recital the music teacher… advised the writer to put cabbages in the room where he practiced and for them

62.Very keen to do something or enthusiastic about something that will happen. Desire.

63.The ‘recital’ means: a performance of music or poetry.

64. In the passage it is explained that… the writer finally began to relax just before he began his recital.

65.the writer stopped feeling nervous…when he found he couldn’t see the audience.

66.text: People have always polluted … What should we do to reduce pollution? We should protect nature.

67.Pollution wasn’t such as a serious problem earlier. People did not have pollution-causing machines.

68.Complete the sentence. Britain helps international organization on environmental protection. 

69.Why people had become alarmed with the danger of pollution? Cars and other new inventions make pollution steadily worse.

70.Why is pollution a complicated problem? Because nobody made measures.


1. the synonym of the ‘affect’ possess.

2.Complete the idiom: To cry for the moon.

3.finish the idiom: Troubled  waters.

4.The wrong formed word is: raincloud.

5. Find the word with the meaning of ‘to travel somewhere by ship’ sail.

6.Choose a suitable word: tennis is an indoor game for two or sometimes four, players.

7. Find a general word for the following group.  Education.

8. sentence with a mistake.  The space capsule came down in Pacific.

9. the plural form of the word ‘cliff’ cliffs.

10. The correct articles: A man was spending a month in a foreign country.

11. We use article the.  Great wall of China.

12.The correct preposition is: I checked a book out of the library yesterday.

13. The correct use of the prepositions. We protested againsdelays in delivery of the goods.

14.Appropriate prepositions: Children under sixteen years of age are not admitted to the bar without their parents.

15.Complete the sentence: What have we got for dinner

16. Complete the sentence:My sister turned the house down but she couldn’t find her key anywhere.

17.Choose a suitable pronoun: They are not so young to travel by their own car.

18. Correct use of pronouns: the policeman told them about the bridge.

19. The correct answer. –I’ll take the doll and 2 badges. How much is that? It’s 4.40$ altogether.

20. Appropriate answer. It is 12:40. It is twenty to one.

21.Appropriate answer. Midday: 12.00 p.m.

22.The correct answer: Are Rolls Royce cars expensive? –Yes, they are the most expensive.

23. the best alternative: The nurse is very polite. She spoke politely.

24.Choose the correct variant: National Academy of Sciences.

25. the correct answer: July is the hottest month in Kazakhstan.

26.He doesn’t smoke now, but he used to smoke a lot when he was young.

27.The verb: Present Simple Passive. are told.

28.The right verb form is: Can I barrow that book when you’ve finished.

29.The correct variant: What are those people looking for.

30.Modal verb followed by ‘to’ ought to.

31.My classes begin at 2 o’clock. It is 1.45, I must leave now.

32.Sentence expressing purpose: the road is too busy for the children to cross safelly.

33.Complete the sentence: My father lets me drive a car.

34.The sentence formulated correctly is:  Most parents want their children to get a university education.

35.complex Subject is not used with: …famous for

36. Complete the sentence: I wonder if the weather will be fine tomorrow.

37.Report the sentence: Tom said: ‘I’m reading Robinson Crusoe’ Tom said that he was reading ‘Robinson Crusoe’

38. Complete the sentence: I still feel very tired  when I wake up in the morning.

39.Report the sentence: ‘Have you seen John recently?’ She asked us. She asked us whether we had seen John recently

40. Complete the sentence: What would you say if I offered you a job?

41. Find the zero conditional: Present Simple, if present simple

42.sentence with ‘Zero Conditional’ If you don’t water the plants, they dry up.

43.Choose the unreal conditional:  You would have a good rest, if you came to my village.

44.define the function of gerund in the following sentence: Painting is one of my hobbies. Subject.

45. choose the sentence with Participle II: Books written by Mark Twain are full of humor.

46.choose the right verb form: We thought about leaving early.

47.define the part of speech of the underlined word. She was   fond of singing when she was a child. Gerund.

48. Complete the sentence: We’re sure  to have a good time.

49. Complete the sentence: I’m thinking of buying a house.

50.Define the underlined word: My elder sister enjoys listening to musicGerund.

51.Choose the words with the sound [эBill, Colin, Tim.

52.The sentence with wrong preposition. They got married on last March.

53.The correct prepositions: sometimes I have problems at  work, but on the whole I enjoy my job.

54.Sentence with reflexive pronouns: I work for myself, We did it ourselves, We got there by ourselves.

55.last month two thousand seven hundred and twenty-five (2,725) people visited the exhibition.

56.Choose the nouns: closet, cow, rainbow

57.find the correct sentence.  He used to play tennis well.

58. Complete the sentence: mary said she Mary said she would buy, had bought, had read, was reading, would read that book.

59.The Participle I He tells us about a new building now being built in Astana. Opening the window Sheila injured her hand.

60.Choose the right answer. I’m busy to hear a lecture at the moment.

61.text: On Mother’s day… Bob’s mother was taken to hospital. She felt bad.

62. Bob pitch in:  a league game.

 63. Why did Bob feller bring his mother to Chicago from her farm? He arranged a special treat for her on her birthday

64. Where did she go after that?  She came to her farm

65.she lived happily in her farm.

66.text: Canada. The word Canada come from one of the Red Indian languages –Kanatta it means… a number of huts.

67. Canada became a part of the British Empire in…1759

68.The official languages English and French. The French were the first settlers to this country

69.The head of the state in Canada is the Queen of Great Britain, because Canada is a member of Common  wealth

70. Canada is washed by Pacific, Artic and Atlantic.


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Наша платформа предлагает не только теоретические материалы, но и практические упражнения, которые помогут лучше понять и запомнить материал. Получите доступ к широкому спектру учебных видеоматериалов, презентаций и тестов, которые помогут вам подготовиться к аттестации преподавателей

Используя нашу платформу, сможете ускорить процесс подготовки и сократить время, необходимое для освоения материала. В результате сэкономите время и силы для решения более важных задач, включая работу и семейные дела.