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-**Нкт 2022 апрель-май**

__ women usually talk more than __ men// A)a/the  B)the/a  C)-/-  D) the/the E)??

__power.// Turning, incidental, general, brain

“a drop in the ocean” means// A)an unnessary warning  B)a large amount of smth  C)Smth leading nowhere  D)an significant amount  E)in sertive to criticism 

A common word for the group// A)a sore throat  B)a symptom  C)cough  D)a chest pain E)a cold

A correct completion of the conditional sentence. If we only ate organic food, we __ strong and healthy.// A)are staying   B)will stay  C)stays  D)would have stayed  E)would stay

A correct ending of tag question. It isn’t dangerous, ____?// A)will it B)is it C)isn’t it  D)did it  E)does it

A correct ending of tag question. Saule Wouldn't buy a car, __?// would she

A correct form of an appropriate modal verb. Monsters aren’t real, you __ have seen one// A)may not  B)can’t  C)mustn’t   D)might not  E)could

A correct plural possessive case. // Ann end Pete's brother

A false sentence.// Each chromosome is around 2 meters in length

A large vehicle that carries passengers is// A)boat   B)lorry  C)camel  D)bus  E) submarine

A large vehicle that transports goals is// A)submarine B)camel   C)bicycle  D)boat  E)lorry

A modal verb of general advice//A)Might  B)May  C)Should  D)Could   E)Can

A negative sentence// A)Rachel likes all kinds of music except for jazz  B)First take the bus 5 and then get off at the second bus statio?????  C)That’s the girl whose picture I showed you  D)Both of us like chocolate  E)Neither Mark nor Peter like horrors

A person who commits a crime// Murderer

A phrasal verb turn over// A)to stop using apiece of equipment  B)to write information on a piece of paper  C)to skip on to the next page in a book  D)to stop doing sth you regularly do E)to be tricked by sb

A positive idiom is//A)an awkward customer   B)in a black mood  C)a pain in the neck  D) a cold fish  E)on cloud nine

A proper form of adjective.  How's your sister now? is she getting__?// Better

A right usage of possessive pronoun. Bolatbek  came with his parents and friends of  ___//A)their  B)Them   C)theirs   D)Themselves  E)they

A right version of the reported question. “What’s the weather like down there?” the astronauts asked// A) The astronauts asked what  the weather is like down there  B) The astronauts asked what was the weather like down there  C) The astronauts asked what the weather was like down there  D) The astronauts asked what is the weather like down there  E) The astronauts asked what  the weather be like down there

A suitable verb: To__ for// A) believe B)dream C)concentrate D)pay  E)argue

A verb can be followed by infinitive only// A)remember B)stop C)agree D)forget  E)regret

A verb can be followed by ing form only// A)avoid B)appear C)had better D)want E)see.

A very successful book is.// Bestseller

A word voyage is suitable// A)The Titanic sank on its maiden __. B)When they were in Cairo they took  a _  to see the Pyramids C)How long does the __ from New York to Rio take?  D)I would like to _ round the world in a balloon. E) She says her hobbies are reading, golf and __.

A word WITHOUT negative meaning// A)internal  B)inaccurate C)inconvenient  D)incomplete  E)incorrect

A wrong compound adjective// A)self-conscioused  B)sun-dried  C)hard-working  D)kind-hearted  E)easy-going

Abstract noun formed with suffix//A)fear B)luck C)reason D)boredom E)belief

Abstract noun// Ownership

Adjective expressing feelings.// Interested, bored

Adverb of degree.// Absolutely

Adverb of place.// Nearby

Adverb of time…// now

Adverbs of manners//A)usually   B)quite  C)ever  D)carefully E)twice a week   F)angrily

Adverbs of time used with Present Indefinite// A)usually  B) at the moment  C)two years ago D)these days  E)today   F)every week G)often  H)twice a month

An abstract noun is formed from an adjective with suffix –ity// A)strong  B)generous  C)lazy D)friendly E)kind

An active man is….// A person who likes being busy in their free time

An adjective that has the same form as adverb// A)wide B)easy C)high D)deep E)long

An appropriate relative pronoun. I don’t understand the reason __ Ben is always stressed// A)why  B)who  C)when D)whose  E)that

An idiom with negative meaning// A)quick off the mark B)a piece of cake C)the top of the class D)a lazy-bone E)a fast worker

An opposite to ordinary.// Novel

An opposite to ordinary//A)heavy   B)novel  C)common  D)domensticated  E)aggressive  (дұрыс жауап жоқ, unique, special, individual, distinctive )

An uncountable noun phrase// A)bar of chocolate B)piece of advice  C)beam of light D) beath of air  E) flash of light

Ann Stopped …..  and went home. //   Working

Anna has …  soup in her bowl.// Some

Appropriate past modal: She _ _ _ a healthy lifestyle. She lived until she was a hundred.// A)can’t have had   B)mustn’t have had  C)should have had  D) must have had   E) ought to have

Article the  is NOT used with// A)Mount Mont Blanc  B)Washington Post C)Sahara Desert  D) Pacific Ocean E)Rocky Mountains

Asking for opinion// A)I suppose it’s OK  B)I don’t think its Ok  C)What do you reckon?  D)Would you like to join us? E)I can’t stand washing up

Be going to is used for___// to talk about future plans and intentions

Both countable and uncountable noun//A)chicken  C)bar  D)glass  E)card   F)book  G) shaos  H)wood

Both countable and uncountable. // Person

Both countable and uncountable// A)tourist  B)balcony C)park D)car E)paper

Both plural and singular noun// A)article  B)offer   C)hawk D)species  E)offender

Both stative and active verbs// A)use  B)read C)belong  D)want  E)see

Both transitive and intransitive verb// A)shame  B)seem  C)open  D)unlock  E)send

Choose  the correct definition. A novelist is__//  A writer fiction

Choose a common word for.// User

Choose a correct quantifier. Aizhan has managet to pass  __ of her exams so far //A) few   B)every  C)much  D)many E)any

Choose an appropriate article. __women usually talk more than __ men // A)a/the   B)the/a  C)-/-   D)the/the

Choose an appropriate article. There was __ serious fire in __ block of flats in Glasgow last night.// A)a/a  B)a/the  C)? D)? E)? 

Choose an appropriate ending for an adjective “good -  ”// A)warmed B)skilled C)headed D)hearted E) (??)

Choose an appropriate participial construction sentence for the given one. We rushed out of the room. We were shouting hurray at the top of our voice.// A)Rushing out of the room and we were shouting hurray at the top of our voice B)We rushed out of the room and we were shouting at the top of our voice C)We rushed out and were shouting at the top of our voice D)Shouting hurray at the top of our voice we rushed out of the room E)???

Choose expressing the result.// My father wrote the number so that he wouldn't forget it

Choose expressing the result//A)Ms.White booked table to avoid waiting at the restaurant  B)Brain was no tired that  he refused to go to a disco  C)My father wrote the number so thet he wouldn’t forget it  D)He took some pills his sore throat  E)Take an umbrella with you in case in rains later

Choose on appropriate participial construction sentence for the given one.  We rushed out of the room. We were shouting harray at the top of our voice. // A)Rushing out of the room and we were shouting hurray at the top of our voice.  B)We rushed out of the room and we were shouting at the top of our voice.   C)We rushed out and were shouting at the top of our voice.  D)Shouting hurray at the top of our voice we rushed out of the room  E)????

Choose on appropriate participial construction sentence for the suggested one. I noticed that the door was open. I decided to go in. //A)I noticed that the door was open and I decided to go in.  B)I noticed the open door. I and decided to go in   C)I noticed that the door was open. I decided to go in.  D) Noticing that the door was open  I decided to go in.  E)????

Choose Present simple with future meaning//A)We sometimes have lunch at 1. B)We got to the swimming pool every day C)The train leaves at 5. D)We meet at once a week  E)They listen to music every day

Choose sentences with the action of the object clause precedes the action in the principal clause. // A)He said would be reading while she was writing the letter. B)It was also remoured that Dan had got married.   C)She claimed that she had met Monty on her way home. D)???? C)????

Choose the  linking Word for purpose. // In order that

Choose the correct answer. The  criminal told his friend to keep quiet about the robbery// A)’Would you be quiet about the robbery’  B)’Keep quiet about the robbery’ C)Wish you be quiet about the robbery’  D)’Please, do keep quiet about the robbery’  E)’To keep quiet about the robbery’

Choose the correct answer. The head teacher requested that all staff ___ present at the meeting.// A)have been B)being C)be D)are being E) (??)(паст болу керек)

Choose the correct definition of the world. A boat is// A)a large vehicle that transports goods  B)a vehicle for travelling on water  C)a vehicle with two wheels  D)an animal with one or two humps on its back  E)a ship that can travel underwater

Choose the correct definition of the world. A lorry is//A)a vehicle for traveling on water  B)a ship that can travel under water  C)an animal with one or two humps on its back  D)a large vehicle that transports goods  E)a   vehicle with or wheels

Choose the correct definition. A blockbuster is// A)a very successful book  B)all the actors in a film C)a writer of fiction  D)a very successful film  E)when and where a story takes place.

Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence. I’m surprised Jack _ _ _ the job.// A)weren’t offered B)will offered C)was offered  D)didn’t get offered  E)???

Choose the correct modifier. This castle is _ huge.// A)very  B)a little  C)greatly   D)terrible  E)really

Choose the correct negative prefixes. common/ friendly/ visible/ accurate// A)uncommon/ unfriendly/ unvisible/ unaccurate  B) uncommon/ infriendly/ invisible/ unaccurate    C) imcommon/ imfriendly/ imvisible/ imaccurate    D) uncommon/ unfriendly/ invisible/ inaccurate   E) incommon/ infriendly/ invisible/ unaccurate     

Choose the correct propoun. It’s a pity. __ came to meet her at the airport// A)no B)nobody C)anybody D)somebody E)every

Choose the correct sentebces following the rules of Sequence of Tenses.// A)Harris said he knew what kind of plce I meant B)He asked what time the   train usually starts C)I thought he would tell her that he intended to go to the Crimea  D) We knew that he plays tennis well  E)???

Choose the correct sentence// A)A lot of people says they are not superstitious B)Nobody stays at home on the 13th day of the month C)One or two reads horoscopes D)Most people has got a lucky number E)Some people is supersitious

Choose the countable noun// A)milk B)advice  C)sand D)family E)happiness

Choose the linking word for contrast// A)as well as B)firstly C)to begin with  D)in spite of E)in addition

Choose the opposite of huge// A)big B)enormous C)tiny D)large E)great

Choose the question expressing permission// A) Could he translate the letter? B) Are we allowed to use the phone? C) Would you mind sending the fax? D) Did you use to drive a car when you  were 15? E) Can you dance?

Choose the relative clause of reason//A)I bow the boy whore prents are good doctors.  B)He is a man who helped me with my luggage  C)I remember the day when I first started my job  D)I know a real cause why he’s chosen this project  E)I know the house where he lives

Choose the sentence with a relative clause.// A)We don’t know the reason  B)I know where you live  C)I bought that book two days ago  D)The house where I live is not far from school  E) Which of you broke the glass?

Choose the sentence with absence of suggestion//A)We go to the park if you like  B)Shall we dance?  C)Shall I open the door?  D)Let’s go out!  E)Could you lend me $10?

Choose the sentence with Causative form//A)I noticed him pick up the key B)It seems they have lived here for 2 years C)The school is highly likely to be built in two years D)He was said to have lost the game E)She has had her house decorated recently

Choose the sentence with participle 1. // Reading books  we learn a lot of things

Choose the sentence with the absence of request//A)Could  I borrow your book?  B)May I have a cup of coffee?  C)Will you phone Jane tonight?   D)Would you like some coffee? E)Can I borrow your book?

Choose the suffix to form adjectives// A)-able B)-ness C)-or D)-ity E)-ify

Choose the synonym for hard// A)easy B)hardly C)difficult D)harder  E)light

Choose Ving or to V. Ayman was clearing the debris from the road when she stopped __ some water //A)drinking B)drink C)to drinking D)drank E)(??) 

Choose Ving or to V. He was reluctant __ his home during the floods// A)to leave B)leaves C)to leaving D)leaving  E)leaved

Complete the conditional sentence correctly.  I'm not I would have been the psychologist if  I __ about the appointment.//   Hadn't forgotten

Complete the conditional sentence correctly. I would have been the  __ if I __ about the appoitment// A)wouldn’t have forgetten  B)don’t forget  C)didn’t forget  D)hadn’t forget

Complete the proverb. There is no place __ home.//A)as   B)like  C)such as   D)the same  E)likely

Complete the sentence with an appropriate word. There were tears streaming down __ side of her face.// A)every B)any C)all D)some E) (??)

Complete the sentence with suitable verb form  from the lis????. It’s important for me _ time with my family.// A)to regret  B)having  C) spending D) being E)??? 

Complete the sentence. He _ his bike for an hour// A)had been washed  B)was washing C)had been going to wash D)has been washing  E)is washing

Complete the sentence. He won’t pass his test unless __ hard.//A)he will study B) he studies C) he won’t study D) he doesn’t study E)he must study

Complete the sentence. If only for past wishes: “If only __”// A)I had some sleep. B)he wouldn’t be so rude. C)you had told the truth D) it weren’t cold  E) you weren’t moving to another city

Complete the sentence. If you had invited me, I __  __ with pleasure.//A)could have come  B)have to come  C)will come to D)would have come   E)can came to  F)going to come

Complete the sentence. The song __ by Micheal J//A)will performed  B)was performed  C)was performing  D)has being performed   E)had been performed

Complete the sentence. The wind __ hard when I heard someone __ three times on the window.// A) has been blowing/ has knocked B)blew/ knockes C) had blown / had knoched D)Was blowing/ knocked E)blowing/ knoched

Complete the sentence. This hous is ___ big.// A)very B)completely C)absolutely D)totally E)highly

Compound adjective// A)junk mail B)father-in-law C)baby-sister D)tin opener E)mind-boggling

Compound adjectives// A)home-grown  B)good-looking  C)girlfriend   D)well-behaved  E)dishonest   F)sister-in-law

Compound noun.// Microwave

Compound noun: verb+ proposition// A)steering wheel B)welfare C)backstage D)turnover E)buss pass

Conditionalsentence. If __ the lottery, I would have bought a huge house. // hadwon

Conjuctions of time clause.//A)in order to  B)whenever  C)until  D)so that   although  F)as soon as

Contrasting discourse markers// A)although/however B)in addition/ moreover C)all in all/ to sum up D) but/furthermore E)in conclusion/ and

Correct one//A)as sick as a cat B)as white as a tomato C) as busy as a teacher D) as blind as deaf  E) as quick as a flash

Correct order of adjectives// A)I am wearing a cotton new white T-shirt and old jeans B)She is wearing old blue comfortable pair of shoes C)My granny had long black beautiful hair then   D)My husband is wearing a small round fur hat E) My little is playing with brown big lovely dog

Correct reported questions// A)We wanted to know if you will pass his exam B)Dad asked how much that telephone cost  C)She asked where I  bought my clothes  D)Ann asked where did I live E)She asked who had left the window open F) I wonder where was he

Correct sentence.//  I'm going to the USA next year

Correct sentence.// They work harder than you

Correct word(s) The wallet was … big to put in her pocket.//A) enough B) so so C) such so D) big enough E) too F) so such G) so H) such

Countable nouns// A)junk  B)word C)sugar  D)bottle  E)information F)food G)coin H)gold

Defining realative clause gives __ to the meaning of the main sentence// A)amusing information , essential  B)necessary information, essential  C)extraordinary, not essential D)not necessary information, not essential  E)extra information, not essential

Determine the function of the Infinitive in the sentence. To put it mildly, it was not very clever.// A)as a subject B)as parenthesis C) an adverbial modifier of purpose D) as an attribute  E)

Find a participial construction sentence from the list below// A)I realized there was no one at home so I left the parcel in the shed. B)I left the parcel in the shed because there was no one at home. C) Realize there was no one at home, and left the parcel in the shed. D) Realizing no one at home, I left the parcel in the shed E)??? 

Find a phrasal verb with wrong definition://A)call on –visit   B)get along  with- resemble C)run over – hit by  a car D)run into-meet by chance  E) look after- take care of

Find the antonym: Alice met him at a party and they made friends.// A)saw B)came up to C)observed  D)parted with E) (??)

Find the correct sentence. // we admire the rising sun

Find the opposite of fade//A) turn up B)cheer up C)take up D)start up E)set up

Find the sentence with the Complex Object// A)I’ve known him since my childhood B)He is known as a brave man C)We knew him to be very brave  D) We knew him as a brave person  E)??

Find the word to the definition. A ship that can travel underwater a//A)boat  B)camel   C)lorry  D)bicycle  E)submarine

Find the word to the definition. A vehicle for travelling on water is//A)bicycle B)boat C)camel D)submarine E)lorry

Find the word to the definition. A written translation on the screen. //   Subtitle

Find the word to the definition. The story of a person’s life is// A)biography  B)novelist  C)cast  D)bestseller  E)blockbuster

Finish the proverb Too many cooks spoil __.// A)the cake B)the broth C)the soup D)the dish E)the meat

Future simple is used for.// Predictions based on evidence

Gerund is used after the verb with preposition://A)agree B)prevent C)decide D)appear E)promise

Gerund or infinitive. We know he avoids __ GM food.// A)eat and drink  B)eating  C)you eat D)to eat E)to drink

Get with meaning come to a successful end// A)get away B)get away with C)get down to   D)get at  E)get through

I __ __ sack yesterday. // Was given

I enjoyed diving into the water.// A) Progressive B) Passive Gerund C) Continuous D) Participle I E) Gerund

I found .... information about robots on this website// Plenty of

I wish you wouldn’t borrow my mobile every minute//A)wish regret in the present  B) regret about anything which happened I the past C)a desire  for a person  behavior to change D)our dreems and plans for the future   E)changing situation

I wish…..  // I had a car.

If the government creates more jobs, unemployment will decrease.// First conditional

If you are exhausted,….  the road and rest for a while// Pull off

In the sentence “He put it into the overcoat pocket” the attribute is expressed by the ____// A) pronoun   B)verb  C)adverb  D)adjective   E)noun

Irregular verbs in the Past Simple[Ved/v2]// A)changed B)had  C)took  D)bought E)watched F)gave G) went  H) looked

It can be used only in plural// A)pencils B)razors C)binoculars D)knives E)tracksuits

It is mostly used with singular verbs//A)contents B)economics C)glasses D)clothes E)trousers

It's a party …  came to meet her at the airport.// Nobody

Linking words for contrast// A)desides/in addition/ moreover/ although B)but/ although/ in spite of/ despite C)despite/ therefore/ while/ what is more D)such as/ in spite of/ both/ as well as  E)while/ before/ until/ although

Linking words for summarizing. // inconclusion, onthewhole, tosumup

Match the correct food item to the quantifier.  A pot of __//A) salt B)cream C)cake, cheese D) fish, steak E) bananas, grapes

Mixed conditional  sentences // A)If you were president, you would change the system of education  B)If I were you, I would refuse him  C)If you were more observant, you wouldn’t have missed all clues in the puzzle  D)If you exercise regularity, you will keep fit   E)If we don’t hurry, we will miss our flight 

Mixed conditional  sentences // A)If you were president, you would change the system of education  B)If I were you, I would refuse him  C)If you were more observant, you wouldn’t have missed all clues in the puzzle  D)If you exercise regularity, you will keep fit   E)If we don’t hurry, we will miss our flight  F)If it rains, I won’t go for a walk  G)If she is as clever as we say, she should have been promoted by now  H)If you had called me, I would have come

Modals of permission / prohibition//A)musn’t   B)could  C)have to D)may E)can  F)be able to   G)might  H)had to 

Modals that express general advise//A)say   B)could  C)ought to D)should   E)be able to  F)can G)might H)must

Much can be used   with// A)baggage  B)planet   C)vally  D)holiday  E)mark

Negative suffix of adjective// Less

Negative to connect// A) disconnect B) misconnect C) inconnect D)reconnect E)unconnect

Odd a phrasal verb//A) drive across the desert  B)swim along the river  C)walk around the world  D)think over the offer  E) jump over fifty cars

Odd compound noun.//  school teacher

Odd noun is//A)humour B)wisdom C)membership D)achievement E)replacement

Odd noun out// A)tell a story   B)tell hello  C)tell the difference  D)tell the time  E)tell the truth

Odd one  out//A)athlet  B)achievements  C)cup   D)prize  E)modal

Odd one comparative  construction. // As white as snow

Odd one out// A)tell a story  B)tell hello [say hello] C)tell the difference D)tell the time  E)tell the truth

Odd one word out//A)disagree B)disapprove C)unreadable  D)undress E)unwrap

One of the uses of past continuous.// To give background information in a story

One of the uses of past simple.// Past actions which won't take place again

One of the uses of Present Continuous// A) timetables B) repeated actions C) temporary situations D) habits E) completed long ago

One of the uses of Present Simple// A)fixed arrangements in the near future B) actions happening now, at the moment of speaking C)recently finished actions D)action finished in the past and continuing up to the present E) general truths and laws of nature.

Opposites of the adjectives. cheap/ rare/ weak/ quiet/ dangerous// A) expensive/ seldom/ powerful/ noisy/ safe B)common/ powerful/ safe/ expensive/ noisy   C)common/ expensive/ noisy/ safe/ powerful D)noisy/ powerful/ safe/ expensive/ common E)expensive/ common/ powerful/ noisy/ safe.

Our traits _ from our parents// A)inherited  B)have inherited  C)are inherited  D)inherit  E)were inherited

Past Simple of change/ come/ try/ take// A)changed/ come/ tried/ took  B)changes/ comes/ tries/ takes  C)changed/ came/ tried/ taked  D)changing/ came/ tried/ taken E)changed/ came/ tried/ took

Phrasal verb with the same meaning  ..reduce.//  cut down on

Present simple passive// A)am/is/are+Ving  B)does+V  C)am/is/are+being+V3/ed  D)am/is/are+V3/ed  E)am/is/are V2/ed

Quantifier: a little// A)children  B)luggage  C)houses   D)water  E)sugar  F)people

Regular adjective. // Large

Relative clause of reason// A) He asked why I had sold my new car. B) Whose children do sports? C) Do you know the reason why they moved to Germany? D) Why are you late? E) I know the reason why you are upset. F) Are you going to tell us the reason? G) Do you have any reason to leave? H) I want to know the reason

Relative pronouns//A)each B)where C)these  D)why  E)who F)whose G)which  H)that

Reported speech// A)She asked us: “Who has left the window open?”  B)The teacher said to hand in our essays by Fryday C)She asked me: “When has Madina bought her ring?”  D)She asked us who had left the window open E)The teacher says: “Hand in, your essays by Friday, please”   F)She asked me when Madina had bought her ring  G)Abzal said to me: “Gulden is always late for work”  H)Abzal said to me that Gulden was always late for work.

Reporting verbs + that//A)ask  B)admit  C)order   D)invite  E)refuse

She was completely taken __ by him and  agreed to give him all her money.//A)through B)back C)in  D)off  E)after

Smells like is appropriate in __// A)You _ _ your father  B)This girl _ _ a celebrity  C)The book _ _ comics D)The music _ _ a hymn E)This wine _ _ strawberries

Stative verb.// Desire

Stative verb// A)prepare B)be C)watch D)play E)cook.

Suffix for persons who does an active. // -ist

Suitable suffixes and prefixes for read//A)ful /re B) ment /ous C)able/ing D)able/ive  E)re/ able F)hood/ive

The  correct order of adjectives// A) a little young Chinese girl B) a Chinese little young girl C) a young little Chinese girl D) a Chinese young little girl E) a young Chinese little girl.

The best definition for extinct.  //   something that no longer exists

The correct meaning of the word. A curious man is _// A) A person who likes investigating things B)a person who doesn’t like giving money to people  C) a person who understands how people feel D) a person who doesn’t accept other people’s ideas E) a person who hasn’t got much experience of the world.

The correct meaning of the word. An innocent man is __//A) a person who doesn’t accept other people’s ideas  B) a person who doesn’t like giving money to people  C)a person who wants to be successful  D) a person who hasn’t got much experience of the world  E) a person who understands how people feel

The correct meaning of the word. An intolerant man is _// A)a person who wants to be successful  B)a person who understands how people feel C)a person who doesn’t like giving money to people  D)a person who hasn’t got much experience of the world  E) a person who doesn’t accept other people’s ideas

The correct order of adjectives// A)a little young Chinese girl B)a Chinese little young girl C)a young little Chinese girl D)A Chinese young little girl E)a young Chinese little girl

The correct pair of opposites.//A)kind-negative B)spectacular-aggressive  C)creative-imaginative  D)generous-funny  E)easy-going – moody

The correct preposition.// Among the sheep

The correct sentence// A) She runs faster as me B)He  works much  well C) She absolute hates doing the cleaning D) They went by bus to  school E) They work harder than you.

The definition of look for// A)to think  about what is likely to happen  B)to search for somebody or something  C)to feel happy and excited about sth that is going to happen  D)to try to find a piece of information in a book or on a list  E) to take care of somebody or something

The definition of the word community// A)the members of an organization  B) a group of students who are taught together  C) a Group of people with the same intereits  D)an organization of people with the same political aims  E)????

The definition of the word. A person who doesn’t like meeting new people is__// A)ambitions  B)curious  C)intolerant  D)innocent E)shy

The definition of the word. A person who understands how people feel is __//A)curious B)shy C)sensitive D)intolerant E)ambitious

The definitionoftheword. A person who wants to be a successful is…..// Ambitious

The main threat of sharing economy which doesn't have to follow certain regulations. // To be decieved and get imperfect goods

The modal verb expresses the idea that you were allowed to do something in the past// A)might  B)could  C)must  D)can  E)

The modal verb for prohibition// A)can B)don’t have to C)mustn’t D)shouldn’t  E)could.

The preposition of both time and place// A)at B)inside C)among D)behind E)in front of.

The right form of Future tense. A new VK headset will be released//A)Future Simple Active  B)Future Perfect Active  C)future Continuous Active  D)Future Simple Passive  E)Future Continuous Passive

The right reported speech sentence. Our teacher told us __ the experience.//A)not redo B)do not redo C)not to redo D) to not reading E)To not redo 

The right usage of the contrast conjunction. __ being able to produce goods faster and easier, robots can also do dangerous jobs// A)in spite  B)besides  C)in addition   D)both  E)despite

The sentences with different meanings.// A) Dad prefers to drive fast. Dad prefers driving fast. B) I forgot to buy bread. I forgot buying bread. C) It started to rain heavily. It started raining heavily. D) I like reading. I like to read. E) I regret to tell you the truth. I regret telling you the truth. F) We stopped to eat ice cream. We stopped eating ice cream. G) We began dancing immediately. We began to dance immediately. H) He hates writing essays. He hates to write essays

The suitable adjective. Crocodiles are ___ animals of all.// A)more dangerous  B) the more dangerous C)better D)dangerous E)higher.

The suitable word. There isn’t __ electricity in the city// A)a  B)the  C)any D)an  E)some

The suitable word. We are busy. We have __ homework today.// A)many B)much C)a little D)a few E)a lot of

The superlative form of adjective unpleasant// A)the unpleasant B)unplesanter C)the most unpleasant D)unplesantier  E)more unpleasant

The Third Conditional describes the __ results of past events which never happened//A) possible  B) irrespective  C) inquiring   D) irresistible  E) imaginary

The use of the Infinitive. The project was developed to create new virtual learning system//A)after preposition  B)after a noun C)to express purpose  D)to express a specific prefermence  E) after certain verbs

The wallet was  …..  big to put in her pocket. //  So, too

The wind …  hard when I heard someone …  threetimesonthewindow. //  was blowing, knocked

There is no animal ……   than the leopard.// More ferocious

There is nobody in the room,  … ?// Is there

These trees usually flower in spring. …  won't if there is frost.// But

These types of conditional’s are used to express imaginary situations which are contrary to facts in the present//A)Mixed conditional   B)type 3 conditional  C) Type 0 conditional D)Type 2 conditional E)Type 1 conditional

These types of conditions are used to express imaginary situations which are contrary to  facts in the present.// Type 2 conditional

They moved to the city center _ _ they could be close to their office//A) to be B)so as C)that so D)so long E) so that

This modal verb expresses the idea that you were allowed to do something in the past// A)might  B)could  C)must  D)can  E)may

Too many is used in// A)We’ve got __ __ bottles of wine B) There are __ __ apples for two people  C)There isn’t   __ __ sugar in tea  D)I drink __ __ tea  E)She’s got __ __ money F)There are __ __ bars of chocolate

Type 0 Conditionals are used to express// A)a general truth or scientific fact B)imaginary situations which are contrary to facts in the past C) a real or very probable situation in the present or fuure D)habits and routines E) imaginary situations which are contrary to facts in the present

Type 1 Conditionals are used  to express // a real or very probable situation in the present or future

Uncountable noun// A)tourist  B)balcony C)park  D)car E)wheat

Use while// A) ___I saw it, I swam away B)My friend saw them__ he was  in Turkey C) __ I turned the TV, I saw it D) I saw it __swam away E) I saw the shark,__ I was swimming.

Verb can be followed by either infinitive or ing form with difference in meaning// A)had better  B)explain  C)decide  D)try  E) let

Verb followed by infinitive// A)admit  B)refuse  C)enjoy D)consider  E)suggest

Verb followed by infinitive// A)deny B)offer C)prevent D)avoid E)suggest

Verb followed by verb+ ing form // Admit

Verbs can be followed by either infinitive or ING  form different meaning. // Try

Verbs followed both by Gerund and Infinitive with changing. // Forget, regret,    stop,  remember

Verbs followed both by gerund and infinitive with no or little defference// A)forget B)regret C)stop D)love E)remember 

Verbs followed both by gerund and infinitive with no or little defference// A) remember B)like  C)mean  D)hate  E)try  F) forget G) love H)prefer

Verbs to report orders or instructions// A)tell, order   B)ask, suggest  C)beg, order   D)request, beg  E)advise, say

We __ __ taken a taxi when it rained// A)able to have  B)can have  C)should have  D)will have E) (??)

We can’t get on the train yet. It is __.// A)cleaning B) will be cleaned C)cleaned D) have cleaned  E)???being cleaned

We had been living in the country for ten years before we moved to the city// A)an action which finished before another past action and whose result was visible at a later point in the past B)action which were happening at the same time in the past C)an action which finished before another past action in the past D) an action which lasted for some time in the past and whose result was visible in the past E)the duration of an action which started and finished in the past, before another action in the past

We left for  Almaty two days ago, didn't we? // Tagquestion

We left for Almaty 2 days ago, didn’t we?// A)alternative question B)special question C)Yes/No question D)general question E)tag question F)Wh- question 

We use _/_ to express an obligation or when there was no obligation in the past// A)have to/ don’t have to B)must/didn’t must  C)had to/didn’t have to D)should/ didn’t should  E)ought/ought not to

We use for intentions// A)might B)will C)can D)be going to E)be able to

We use sounds like://A)Your friend __ __ a nice guy B)She __ __ going for a walk C)He __ he hasn’t slept a day D)The soup __ __ delicious E)Does your child __ __ anything more to eat?

We use the __for an action that happened at an unstated time in the past. The emphasis is on the action// A)Present Perfect B) Present Continuous C)Past Perfect D)Future Simple E)Present Simple

We use the with the names of// A)single islands B)single mountains C)continents D)rivers E)colours

We use this noun with singular verbs// A) trousers B)physics C)glasses D)scissors E)jeans

We use too much with __, too many with __, too with ___// A)countable nouns, uncountable nouns, adverbs B) uncountable nouns, adjectives, countable nouns  C) countable nouns, uncountable nouns, adjectives D) adjectives, nouns, verbs E) uncountable nouns, countable nouns, adjectives

We used for getting a scene in or giving a background in a story. // The pastcontinous

We used it ….. for an action that happened at an understand time in the past. The emphasisisontheaction// Pastperfect

We usefuturesimple. // for predictions based on what we believe or imagine will happen

Wrong compound adjective// A)never – ending journey B)a widely-spoken language C)a five-stars hotel D)a three- hour delay  E)well-behaved children

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Antarctica is mainly known for the penguins and seals that live there, but recently scientists have discovered the remains of two dinosaurs that lived there millions of years ago. These are not the first dinosaur fossils that have been discovered in Antarctica. The first new discovery was a plant-cating dinosaur which was found by a mountain climber Scientists that examined the fossils say it is a plant-cating dinosaur that is nearly 200 million years old. The parts of the animal they examined suggest that it was nine metres long and two metres tall. Dinosaurs which have been found in other parts of the world are as long as 30 metres, however So this specimen, the discovery of which has excited researchers is rather smal. On the other side of Antarctica, dinosaurs bones that were discovered by accident have also proved interesting. This second dinosaur was a meat-eater which stood about two meters tall. Scientists who were sheltering from bad weather found the bones near the sea. The dinosaur they discovered, whose bones were next to fossils of sea life, probably died and was washed out to sea after its death. Dinosaurs are creatures that could not survive in cold conditions, but in their time, Antarctica was different. It didn't have the cold climate it has today, but was warm and wet. Antarctica.  A true statement.// A) Antarctica didn’t change for year B)Aplant- eating  dinosaur was less than ten metres tall.  C) The scientists didn’t expect to find bones near the river D)All the dinosaurs were   the same size E) All Antarctica’s dinosaurs were found at the same place

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Antarctica.  Antarctica is a place __ //A) that is nearly 200 million year old   B) where the only species were dinosaurs.  C)  where you can easily find remains of various species  D)where mountain climbers used to shelter from global warming   E)where one can hardly notice a great biodiversity

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Antarctica.   The information omitted in the text.// A) to what extent Antarctica’s climate change  B) about the researchers’ excitement  C)how the icy surface was affected by climate change  D) what Antarctica  is like today   E)people that discovered that discovered the dinosaur’s fossils

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Cultural expectation and leadership. According to the text Gabriela faced a challenge in managing because of// A)bad managing skills B)hierarchical framework C)bad language knowledge D)helpless Swedish manager E)cultural  differences

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Cultural expectation and leadership. Hierarchical framework  is when// A) decision is discussed with the manager B) staff discuss the instructions after the manager give them C) team leader and manager take control and give specific instructions D) staff often go about instructions in their own way E) everyone does their work on  their own.

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Cultural expectation and leadership. The text is mainly about// A)manager and quality B) workers in the office C) Brazil and Swidish managers D) details of Swidish company E) cultural clashes while working

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Cultural expectation and leadership. Which statement is NOT true// A) Gabriela was transferred to Sweden B) It was really difficult for Gabriela to manage a new team C) Gabriela’s staff were not used to a more hierarchical framework D) New Gabriela’s staff were not used to making decisions democratically E) Gabriela’s decisions were still discussed after the announcement.

Тапсырмаға қосымша: DODO When an animal or a plant becomes extinct, this can affect the plants and animals which depend on it for food. alive. This bird once lived on the island of Mauritius where there weren't any animals to eat it. It couldn't fly, and so brought to the island by Europeans in the 16th century. Within a hundred years, the dodo became extinct, and althou aren't preserved examples. Scientists have recently found bones on the island, but nothing else is left of the dodo. Dodo. False statement according to the text.// A)The dodo disappeared millions of years ago.  B)Animals depend on food.  C)We could save the dodo alive.  D)Animals need habitats.  E) The dodo was a victim of dogs and rats

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Dodo. The best definition for extinct// A)something that exists now  B)not happening very often  C)something that is not allowed  D)something that no longer exists  E)no longer preserved

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Dodo. The dodo disappeared because of //A)shortage of care  B) shortage of water  C)human interference  D)Shortage of appropriate food  D) lack of space on the island

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Fourteen-year-old Miguel Diaz talks about an exciting science project. Last month I got the chance to take part in an underwater research project in an area of the Gulf of Mexico called the Flower Gardens. A team of professional researchers, led by the scientist Dr. Matt Phillips, was trying to learn more about the fish and various creatures that live in this part of the sea. The Flower Gardens are a long way from the shore and we spent three days on a boat. The team used a piece of underwater equipment called a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to collect information. The ROV could measure water depth and temperature and it also had a camera that sent live film back to the boat. The ROV was great fun. It was controlled by a computer on the boat, and I was allowed to operate it a few times. However, the thing I enjoyed most was diving into the water. At first, I was quite frightened because I couldn’t see land in any direction. But as soon as I jumped into the water, I wasn’t afraid anymore. It was amazing to see the colourful fish swimming around and I could see all the way to the Flower Gardens, which are almost 30 metres down. I will never forget the Flower Gardens. The trip was like a holiday but I also learnt new things about science and research projects. The team was very friendly and everyone was happy to explain what they knew about the sea. It was a great opportunity and it has made me think about my goals in life. The experience will definitely help me work harder to become a scientist. Remotely Operated Vehicle was used// A) to see around the world B) to go fishing C) to collect information D) to carry out research E) to watch film about birds

Тапсырмаға қосымша: It’s in our DNA. A true information from the text// A)A human may inherit 23 chromosomes from one parent  B)There is one allele for each gene  C) Gregor Mendel did experiments with peach  D)Scientists accepted Mendel’s work before he died E)???

Тапсырмаға қосымша: It’s in our DNA. The definition of the word community// A)the members of an organization  B) a group of students who are taught together  C) a Group of people with the same intereits  D)an organization of people with the same political aims   E)????

Тапсырмаға қосымша: It’s in our DNA. The main idea of the article is// A)Now is a time of designer babies  B)Gregor Mendel did experiments with peach  C)Some alleles are stronger, and some weaker  D)The importance of  genetic and Mendel’s researches  E)???

Тапсырмаға қосымша: Text It`s in our DNA In every cell of the human body there is almost two meters of genetic information that is tightly packed into pieces called chromosomer.Humans have 46 chromosomes -23 from cach partent.These chromosomen contain coding for approximately 25,000 genes.However,this only accounts for a small amount of the 3,bittion nocleotides in our DNA sequence. The rest are not thought to code.It is the information in these genes that determine many of our characteristics,for exmple eye color,hair types,shoe sire,height and many more. In the 1850s and 1860s a scientist called Gregor Mendel was very curious about exactly we inherit characteristics were combined to create new characteristics.I fowever we now know that it isn't the case.Mendel conducted experiments using pea plants to investigate exactly how genes are passed down from generation to generation. Gregor Mended discovered that cach gene has more than one variations are called alleles. For instance, the gene for eye color has two main alleles;brown and blue. Gregor Mendel discovered that some alleles are strong than other.The stronger alleles are known as daminant and the weaker ones as recessive. He recorded the characteristics in the peas and used them to calculate how many offspring would display dominant or rocessive traits. Mendel used mathematical statistics to work out what characteristics the offspring of parents with known alleles would have. Mendel’s presented his findings in 1865 but they weren't accepted by the scientific community at the time and the importance of his work wasn’t recognised until year after his death.It is thanks to Mendel’s work that genetics today can predict the likelihood of genetic diseases or certain characteristics in children. This help parents be aware of how likely it is they will pass on certain conditions are to their children, This in turn has paved the way to modern techniques such as gene editing and the future posability of designer babies. It’s in our DNA. A false sentence// A)Each chromosome is around two rockers in length   B)The genes from each parent were mixed together   C) Parents can find out what chance they have of passing on a discase  D)Madel’s work has contributed to today’s genetic techniques  E)???

Тапсырмаға қосымша: The sharing economy. The idea behind the text is// A)people sell their things  B)sell on hardly worn baby clothes  C)get profit sharing underused items  D)using a personal car as a taxi E)useless items should be given for charity

Тапсырмаға қосымша: The sharing economy. The main threat of sharing economy which does not have to follow certain regulations//A)to get profit selling unused things  B)to help to save the environment C)to be deceived and get imperfect goods D)to break the law and be sentenced  E)to waste a lot of money

Тапсырмаға қосымша: The sharing economy. What does Uber offer?// A)Uber offers people to use their cars like taxis  B)Uber offers people to aadvertise the company  C)Uber offers people to sell their cars online  D)Uber offers people to rent the cars  E)Ubers offers people to drive only in tree time

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