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20 авг 2023, 17:07
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Wolfgang Mozart

  1. Six ears old
  2. Admire somebody or something
  3. Disease and proverty
  4. In 1791
  5. In Australia


  1. Very carefully, so that nothing is missed
  2. Research
  3. 1 and 2
  4. Cholera was said to spread by air
  5. Exact time when the disease was overcome

Video games

  1. To predict
  2. The average age of gamers has risen
  3. Because they will not require
  4. They will be able to
  5. Advertise their product while people play

Big city problem

1.People have to travel mostly- 

To the city center 

2.There is no information about –

 Shift of majority of important places out of the city center

3.There is no information about –

The number of vehicles

4. One of the reason traffic problems – 

The important places are in the city center



  1. They stuggle to survive difficult conditions 
  2. They use the small 
  3. They recordand learn from the past events
  4. To learn more


  1. Fossil means

An animal or plant from the past that has been preserved in rock

  1.  Antarctica is a place …

Where one can hardly notice a great biodiversity

  1.  There is no information about

Dinosaurs’ longevity

  1.  A true statement

A plan-eating dinosaur was less than ten meters tall

  1.  The information omitted in the text

How the ice surface was affected by climate change

Black holes

  1.  The definition of the “edge”

The part of something that is furthest from the center 

  1.  The title for the second paragraph

How the black holes are formed

  1.  Type of conditional sentence

If the Sun were ever to become a black hole, 

there would still be no danger of Earth falling 

into it     The second conditional

  1.  The title of final paragraph is

Time in black holes

  1.  The false statement is

In space the only objects that can form black holes are large stars

It’s in ourDNA

  1. The main idea of article is                   

       The importance of genetic and Mendel’s researches

2 . A true information from the text        

       A human may inherit 23 chromosomes one parent

3. The defition of the word  ‘community‘                   

        A group of people with the same interests

4. A false sentence 

        Each chromosome is around two metres in length

5. Tense and voice of the verb in the sentence           

 Inherited characteristics were combined to create 

new characteristics   Past simple passive

Discover of  Schlieman 

  1. There is no information about …

His family

2. Unscientific means        

      Not in accordance with principles or methods

3. According to the text, the true statement is …                 

       Heinrich Schliemann had excavation in Turkey 

4. There is some doubt that…            

 Heinrich Schliemann”s work was inaccurate

5. People say Heinrich Schliemann

  Tended to lie

An eye

  1. The country seeing an eye contact as a sign being totally involved


 2. The country considering “smiling” in difficult way than in Australia


  1. In the middle East eye contact is considered as a sign

 of honesty and truthfulness between

     A man and a woman

4. Problems with communication can arise when

     There is a lack of understanding of the cultural norms

5. The best sentence summarize text

       We can avoid cases of wrong communication 

having awareness having of  the possible

 differences in expectations and behaviour


1. The best definition for extinct

      Something that no longer exists

2. The dodo disappeared because of

      Shortage of appropriate food

3. False statement according to the text

      We could save the dodo alive

4. There is no information about 

      Natural disasters

5. True statement according to the text 

      We don’t have anything left from the dodo


1. The main idea of the article is  

About harm and nutritional value of sugar

     2. A true sentence from the article  

It can be difficult for humans to control sugar-eating habits

 3. Definition of the idiom “have a sweet tooth”   

To like to eat sweet foods

4. The tense of the sentence   

It is difficult to control our sugar eating habits

5. Present simple active 

           Obviously, moreover, consequently, however, surprisingly, personally, 

           furthermore are … …    Linking words


1. Choose the opposites according to the text

Consumerism – the ‘buy nothing’ trend

  2. According to the text 1,000 is four per cent of   

Average year’s earnings

3. There are two pieces of opposite information in the text

There appeared such trends as to buy a lot and to buy nothing

  4. According to the text, during a year two You Tube stars managed to do 

            without …

Clothes or electrical goods

5. False statement according to the text  

The trend ‘buy nothing’ started in the USA

Sharing economy

  1. The idea behind the text is

Get profit sharing underused items

  1.  What does Uber offer?

Uber offers people to use their cars like taxis

  1.  The sharing economy doesn’t means that

Some businesses are able to sell their product without taxes

  1.  Which is Not true according to the contents?

Selling unwanted goods can lead to a bigger impact on our environment

  1.  The main threat of sharing economy which does not have 

to follow certain regulations

To be deceived and get imperfect goods


  1.  Gabriela was frustrated because

She didn’t feel respect

  1.  The text is mainly about

Cultural clashes while working

  1.  Which statement is Not true

 New Gabriela’s staff were not used to making decision democratically

  1.  Hierarchical framework is when

Team leader and manager take control and give specific instruction

  1.  According to the text Gabriela faced a challenge in managing because of 

          Cultural differnces


The Beach Boys

1.How many members were there originary in The Beach Boys?

-Five members/surf culture

2.What was their most successful single

- Good Vibration

3.What facts proved their popularity?

 –They could complete with the Beatles

4.What was the greatest achievement of the band?

 –They have had 36 songs in the Top 40

5. What was popular as Beachboy in California in that time?

- surf culture

Disastrous journey!

1.What was the rout of their journey?-from Alicanto to Galica

2.The fact proves the first part of the jouney was fine?

the satnav took them to the door of their friends.

3. What happened with them on the way to the final destination?

following the instructions ther had lost  their way

4.Why did she say that the satnav was his new toy?

because her husband wanted to follow its instructions.

5. What was the other problem they had during the journey?

they had left their dog in café


Last School Party

1.Where did they have the party?- in the hall

2. What did she find funny?-  Classmate’s party clothes

3.Why did Chloe start to cry? –Because she missed previous years

4.What did the head teacher tell them to do?-  Not to be very noisy

5.Why didn’t she go to the party at Sam Carter’s house?- She was tired


Useful innovative ideas

1.What was Guy Jeremiah’s innovative idea?

- To clean the planet from useless bottles

2.What was his idea of using a phone app?

  To get information about bars and restaurants

3.What was the reason of Kirsty’s idea to create a frozen dessert? 

She thought of children’s health

4What was the difference between Kirsty’s frozen 

desserts and ice-creams? 

Frozen desserts are healthy food

5.What is the main idea of the text? 

It suggests different people’s 

innovative ideas

Work –life balance

  1. The common think with all works from the text is 

They don’t work frome home 

2.The sentence with is not true 

                      I works less now and gets more money 

3.The text is mainly about 

People with different working conditions 

4.According to the text , solutions to imp… working conditions 

To work for other freelancers 

5.Freelancer is a person who:  is self – emplayed 


Giza Piramid 

  1. Accor.g to the text , TGP is a location for: 

Less than ten pyramids 

  1. You are likely to find such a text in: 

A geographical journal

  1. There is no exact about the:

The pyramids of Hellenikon

  1. The purpose of the article is to:

make readers curious about some facts


Farm boy and a little dog

  1. Why did the boy’s mother ask neighbors for help?-
  2.  they couldn’t come back home
  3. People like dog because they –
  4. are genuine friends are hunters
  5. The boy take the dog home because –
  6. it has a broken leg
  7. How did his mother’s neighbors find the boy?- 
  8. they heard the barking of the dog
  9. Why did the boy and the dog couldn’t come back home? –
  10. stone had slipped across the opening


The father of music 

1. C-describes Mozart's life and talent 

2.false statement

D. Mozart traveled round Europe alone.

3. A- how talented Mozart was

4. B- when he had already become popular 

5.The year he died is ….

connected with creation of his best masterpieces


The Case for the Defense.

  1. Where did the murder take place? 

(in Northwood Street)

  1. What was special about the appearance of an accused? 

(he was too ugly to forget him)

  1. Who was the fourth witness of the murder? 

(a person from Laurel Avenue)

  1. Why did the prosecution intend to call the witnesses of the case?

 (They hadn’t forgotten the murderer)

  1. How do you think an accused might be punished for the crime? 

(through death penalty)




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