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Ағылшын тілі ПББ тест сұрaқ- жaуaп 4-нұсқа

10 июл 2023, 19:46
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1.My parents always want ………… the washing up 

A )  me to do 

2.We aren’t hungry.We …….just ……lunch

A)have, had 

3.Idiom Trabled 


4 Use the noun together: a Luggage 


5 The verb of the black 

To blacken 

6.Present Continious describing 

Activity in progress

7.In my country it is ……. The law to watch film if you are under 8


8.Sit down on ……nearest …….door 


9.Complate the phrasal verbs ;to keep up with;


10 . odd number a)nine b)five c)third d)ten 

11.Zero Conditional 

If+ Present Simple+Present Simple 

12.Uncountable nouns 

a)game          b)garden     c)gymnasium d)ground  d) giraffe 

13. What ….you…..this weekend 

Do, do 

14. Here is some advice for those  preparing to go on holiday 

a) Adjective  b)preposition c) pronoun   d) negative pronoun  d)adverb 

15.Where we ……….down the hill, strange object …………… in the sky 

Were driving, appeared 

16 .Participle II

She saw a singing girl 

17. She asked me where he …………….put the box

a)should to     b)shall   c) ought to       d)will     e) should 

18. What does ‘’sweetmeat’ mean 

A food rich in sugar candy cakes honey desert chocolate 

19. correct sentences 

a) She knew that he was  doing his homework at 7 o’clock    

20. Closed syllable 

a)Bed,     b)but,      c)nut  d) table     e)summer

21.I prefer coffee …..tea 

a) to   b)in   c) on   d) for 

22. In most countries people drive ……the left 

a) to   b)in    c) on  d) for 

23. The function of the Gerund. He gave up eating sugar .It is  not good for your  health  

a) object   b) adverbial modifier    c) predicate    d) attribute 

24. The train ………………arrive at 11.30 but it was an hour late 

a) supposed to  b) is supposed to  c) has been supposed to d) was supposed to  e) is been supposed to 

25. Complex Object 

a) I want him to come 

26. Suitable modal verb : You …… not smoke for your   health 

a)should   b) must    c) may   

27. He doesn’t smoke now. But he …………when he was young 

a)should   b) must     c) may   d) used to smoke 

28.Report the sentences: You will get very sad  if you go on like this Doctor Gr. Told Mr. Wild

Doctor Gr. Told Mr.Wild he would get very sad if he went on like this 

29.I’m very obliged …..her for helping me to get a job 

a) of    b)to  c) by 


30. The word followed the –ing 

a)want   b) lend   c) intend   d)prevent 

31. Correct sentence with Complex Object 

a) The teachers wants the students to read the the text 

b) They advised me read the text 

32.Gerund as the subject 

Losing the game is..

33.Articles the is not used before the names of:


34.Tomorrow …………….we can go somewhere 

a) I don’t work    b)I not work c) I am not working d) I want working 

35. fill in:      ………car 


36.Tense changed Reported speech 

Past Perfect-------Past Perfect 

37. Relative pronouns 

That, who, which, where, what 

38.Personal pronouns


39. Words after few 

Houses, mistakes, chickens, information, papers 

40.Complate the proverb: All is not ………..that glitters 

a) gold   b) silver   c) stone 

41.Prefix and suffix  of write 

a)ent,         b) ism   c) re, able 

42. What is the Valley?

The land between hills and mountains 

43.The verb used in Complex Object 


44. Correct sentence 

She doesn’t come home early 

45.If I try to be like him ……will be like me.

a)Who   b) when  c) which   d) how 

46. She……………………from flu when she was interviewed 

Was suffering 

47.What……….your parents ……….when I rung you up?


48. You did very  ……. In your exam 


50.Complex Object 

She saw him crossing the door behind him 

51.Third Conditional 

If+ Past Perfect, would have +Past Participle 

52.I haven’t see her  for ……………I’ve forgotten what she looks like

Such a long time 

53.Adverb of manner 

a) always   b) sure    c) quite     d) will 

54. I wish he  ………….a little more tactful 

Would be 

55.The Alfa river is 100km. long. The Beta River is 200 km. long means: The Beta river is …the Alfa River 

a) long as      b) shorter than    c) the longer    d) half as long, longer than    e) half as short as 






















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Test is Excellent .The text is very interesting and easy . Thank you

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