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Ағылшын тілі ПББ тест сұрaқ- жaуaп 3-нұсқа

10 июл 2023, 19:40
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ағылшын тілі

  1. Find the antonym 

Alice met him at a party and they made friends

-parted with

 2. Last year I worked very hard at my Math and English, I spent all of my time reading  books and preparing for my entrance exams. My motto was…

-No pains, no gains

3.Complete the idiom. I wasn’t really sure, I guessed it, it was just a ____in the dark.


4. Crew  is often used for the staff of….

- a plane 

5. Replace   underlined word with its opposite. She is always obedient 


6. Choose ending for adjective “good”


7. Means unable to read or write –


8. I had to get up……the night to close the window 


9.Don’t laugh…. my work!I’m doing my best.


10. Complete the sentences with conditional forms. If the water is boiling, it means the food….. nearly ready.


11. Because she had to go…home, she couldn’t only stay for two weeks.


12. It isn’t  a  fair   to make the cat…in the car on such a hot day 


13. Don’t worry, the exam will be over …. a couple of hours.


14. If I had known about the job I would have applied.

-third conditional

15. If it was snowing, we… at home.

-would stay

16. Match the number with writing. 3z/4x

-three Z over four X

17. …..of her students went to become teachers.


18. What do you know about____?


19. Match the number with its writing.  2865

-two thousand eight hundred and sixty-five 

20. There were tears streaming down ….side of her face.


21. Choose the correct variant. 1/6

- a sixth

22. Young people….need to get more involved in politics.


23.  Complete with degree of adjectives. It’s been the … day in London for 35 years.


24. Among my family members,my mum is …driver.

-the best

25. Match the number with its writing. 62,3 % of adults have false teeth. 

-sixty two point three percent

26. There was ___serious fire in___block of flats in Glasgow last night.

- a/a

27. Lis… that we should come after lunch.

-suggested to

28. You______the weekend if you had come with us.

-would have enjoyed

29. Reported Speech. “I’m planning to buy a new car”

-Jan told me that he was planning to buy a new car. 

30. I was so tired, I ….slept for a week.

-could have

31.Participle construction. We rushed out of the room. We were shouting hurray at the top of our voice

-Shouting hurray at the top of our voice  we rushed out of the room.

32. Come and see us next week if you have time.

-Zero Conditional 

33. Compile the correct word order. 123456789 10 11/ my saw with Bill car new when green  was envy 

-8 4 21 7 5 6 10 9 3 11

34. I … with my parents if I didn’t have to.

-would live

35. You musn’t look directly ….the sun during the eclipse.


36. The best things about the weekends is … to work 

-not to go

37. Choose the verb which is followed by both Gerund and the Infinitive.


38. The price of petrol ….about 15% this year.

-has been risen.

39. A new route….. between Moscow and Paris

-has been created 

40. My friend is___ chef. I think he is __best cook in the world.

-a /the 

41. I never argue___ my husband___ money


42. She bet that Peter wouldn’t be on time.


43. I don’t approve of them__late.


44.  Find a participle construction sentence from the list below.

-Realizing there was no one at home, I left the parcel in the shed.

45. If you could change one thing in your life what it would be?

-second conditional 

 46. If Tom hadn’t gone to university , he wouldn’t have  met Sarah.

-third conditional 


47. Determine the function of  the Infinitive in the sentence. To understand the rule better I read it several times.

-an adverbial modifier of purpose

48. She is just moved from her flat___38 Azalea Drive


49. There was a _______rug on the floor.


50. Find the phrases where the is pronounced  as [ði]

-the other way 

-the end           

51. Indirect Speech

-He said that he had toothache

-He told police that he had made a balloon

-They said they would do it the next day.

-They told everyone that they had lied.

52. Gerund

-The car needs repairing 

- The washing machine needs mending

53. ___ love watching   fireworks, but the noise sometimes makes___nervous

- I/me

54. 2x+3y-z=3z/4x

-Two X plus three Y minus Z equals three Z divided by four X

-Two X plus three Y minus Z equals three Z over four X


55. Sentence with possessive pronouns

-These are my books

-They are not mine

-It’s your dog

-Those are our relatives

56. Choose verbs after which Infinitive with to is followed by:


57. Reported Speech 

-She said she didn’t have spare time

-She said Jack  had a new job.

58. Choose sentences with the action of the object clause precedes the action  in the principal clause.

-She seemed to have forgotten  what had happened a few minutes  before

-She claimed that she had met Monty on her way home.

-It was also remoured that Dan had got married.

-He said that it had been raining

59. Choose the correct sentences  following the rules of Sequence of Tenses

-Harris said he knew what kind of place I meant.

-I thought  he would tell   her that he intended to go to the Crimea

-He asked what time the train usually starts.

60.  Text “ The case for the Defense”

It was the strangest   murder trail I have ever attended. They named  it the Reckham murder in the headlines….

1.Where did the murder take place?

-in Northwood Street

2. What was special about the appearance of an accused?

-he was too ugly to forget him.

3. Who was the fourth witness of the murder?

-a person from Laurel Avenue

4. Who did the prosecution intend to call the witness of the case?

-They hadn’t forgotten the murder

5. How do you think an accused might be punished for the crime?

-through death penalty



61. Text “ Disastrous Journey”

This happened a few years ago. I live in Alicante , in Spain and my husband and I had rented a house in Galicia  for the summer….


  1. What was the route of their journey ?
    1. From Galicia to Spain
      1. What fact proves that the first part of the journey was fine?
        1. The satnav took them to the door of their friends
          1. What happened to them on the way to the final destination?
            1. Following the instructions they had lost their way.
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