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11 июл 2023, 20:59
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1.C.Describes   Mozart’s life  and talent

2.C.Mozart  was born  in the  middle   of  18th  century

Mozart travelled   round  Europe  alone

3.A.How talented Mozart was

4.B.When  he had  already  become popular

5.When  he  bought    a large  apartment  in   

Connected  with creation of his  best masterpieces


E)cultural   differences

C) she didn’t feel respected

C) team leader and

 team leader and manager take control and give specific instructions

) cultural clashes while working



Disastrous journey! 

– from Galicia to Tarragona

following the instructions they had lost their way.

Because her husband wanted to follow its instructions.

they had left their dog in café

The satnav   took them    to the door  of    of theirs   friends


Unfavorable accident.

In  Banks.

had left the money in the pocket

she had a way of doing it

He  believed to get  his fifty-dollar money order



Useful innovative ideas.

To clean the planet from useless bottles.

to get information about bars and restaurants.

She thought of children’s health

Frozen desserts are healthy food

It suggests different people’s innovative ideas


Last School Party 

In the theatre

Classmates’ party clothes 

Because she missed previous years

Not to be very noisy

She was tired 

        Video games

1.To predict   future  developments in the video  game industry

2.The everage   age of  gamers  has risen

3. because    they will  not require  them   be familiar  with traditional  games   consoles

4.adviertise their products  while   people  play  a video game



Big city

To…..  city centre

2.Have plently   transport

The number of vehicles

To work for other   freelancers

 Is self employed


John Lennon

1.John’s mother    and aunt both  liked  music very    much

2.John Lennon was   the only  songwriter in the  Beatles

3.John Lennon   was  born  at the   beginning  of the 20th century

4.Provide  short information   about  John’s   childhood

5.was one of the   main songwriters  in the band

6.Eventually means    - at the end a long process

7.To affect   means- to influence  sb or sth

8.Was a    diligent  student

9.lived  in an  important  port

10.Opposite  of a rebel-someone  who  obeys   the law




1.Paris  France

2.Made  for the  first  time

3.Abbe  Giovanna





Ann writer

1.Her  friends

2.A store

3.To buy  a blouse

4.could have entered

5.He  kept the rules   of the store



Marco  Polo


2.Kublai  Khan

3.Venice   and  Genoa

4.Is  kept in a jail

5.Changed  to a different  language


Work life  balance.

1.They   don’t  work from home

2.Jo works   less  now   and   gets  more money

3.People   with  different  working   conditions

4.To work for   other  freelancers

5.Is self   employes



In Northwood street

He was  too  ugly to forgot  him

A person  from laurel  Avenue

They didn’t   forgotten  the  murder

Throw  death penalty




Useful  innovative case

To  clean the planet  from useless bottles

To getintfo about   bar res

She  taughtof child  health

Frozen  desserts are healthy food

 It  suggests   different  peoples  innovative   case


Many people

The  Ustates


Made for the   1  time






In  banks

He  had  left money in the  pocket

She  had  a   way   of   doing it

He  believed to  get    his  50 dollor  money   order
 They  wew   perfectly  cleaned








1.Present simple passive

B) am/is/are+V3/ed

2. Collacation with tell

 A secret

3.A phrasal verb turn over

C) to skip on to the next page in a book

4.Idioma drop in the ocean means

A) an insignificant amount

5. I wish you wouldn't borrow my mobileevery minute.

D) a desire for a person's behaviour to change

A) order

6. Clauses of... are used to explain why somebody does something

A) order

B) condition

C) result

D) purpose.  ?

7.Verbs followed by - ingafter the preposition to

B) suggest/hope

8.An idiom to be very silly

C) to be as daft as a brush

9.Correct one

C) as quick as a flash

10.Find the opposite of fade

B) turn up

11. A correct form of the verb

Today we _ time with our classmates.

A) are spending

12. Correct indirect request

B) The teacher asked us to be quiet

13. Complete the sentence

He is …. to answer difficult 

Enough driver

 Too driver

 Driver enough

Some any driver

14. Find both countable and uncountable noun

D) home

15. Complete the conditional clause

You won` t be able to win … you train hard.

C) unless

16. An appropriate relative pronoun

I don` t understand the reason … Ben is always stressed.

B) why

17. The correct form of the verb

The Nobel Prize _ to Marie Curie twice.

A) was awarded




Much can be used baggage

1A correct ending of tag question It isn't dangerous, is it?

2 Correct order of adjectives My husband is wearing a small round fur hat

3Verb by infinitive refuse

4A little used with money

5We use too much, too many, too with adjectives, noun, verb

6 Compound noun verb+prepositions breakthrough

7Choose the adverb of degree absolutely

8 Gerund is used after the verb with prepositions prevent

9 A correct non- defining relative clauses Penny  who is   a vet, has got three dogs

10 A right usage of possessive pronouns Bolatbek came with his parents and friends of thiers

1,A   word expressing period of time.

 c.  a millennium    

2,A correct form of the verb:  My teacher usually _________to the gym on Sundays.

b. goes   ng


The  correct      

Somebody   has   stolen  your  bike ______?

     d. haven`t   they


1,Indefinite pronoun is   

d. someone


1,An odd  compound   noun 

    d.  school teacher


1, We   don`t  use the  present   Continouos  for  А,Pemament states   A   new  job  provided money  for   luxury cars  but  not   very _______ time  enjoy them.

d. much


1, Both   active and stative  verbs.

d. understand/ believe

1,Choose  the   conjunction  of  result


Bolat  is ________ a swimmer  as his   sister 

   b. good  as      


 ______   Feeming  and  Tesla  changed  the   world  we  live   in

d. both

 An   abstract  noun  is   formed  from an  adjective   with  suffix  -ity

   b. generous     

 Linking  words  for   contract  

 But ( although)  in spite  of / despite

Contrast  conjunction

  d. eventhough


 Both   plural and  singular  noun   b. species    

19.The correct  sentence

a. He  works much  well.      B. They work harder than you.   

20. If  you _________ out more, you ____ more  friends.

a. had gone/ would have  made

1.We  use   for  instant   decision?

A.Be   going to

2.An odd  compound  noun

B.School teacher

3.Too  much is suitable

I   drink…..coffee

4.We are  living  at   our  Granny’s  will be   the flat  is being  redecorated

D.Temperory situation

5.Abstract  noun   is…

D Ownershiop

6.The  wind….   Hard  when  I   heard  someone  times   on the window

A.Has   been blowing/had knocked

7.Stative  verbs   expressing  feelings  and emotions 


8.The  song ….by   famous  Michael   Jackson

A Was performed

9.Conjuction  of result




1.We use for instant decision?

A)Until    ✅

2.Let`s go for a walk …

B)           Shall we ✅

3.An odd compound noun 

B)           School teacher✅

4.Too much is suitable

A)           I drink … coffee✅

5.We are living at our Granny`s will be the flat is being redecorated

D)           Temporary situation✅

6.Expression with about

B)           To be angry✅

7.Abstract noun is …

D)           Ownership✅

8.The wind … hard when I heard someone times on the window

D)Was blowing/knocked✅

9.Stative Verbs expressing feelings and emotions 

D) desire/presser/love✅

10.Collective nouns are…

B) a crowd/ bunch/ flock/group✅

11.The song … by famous Michael Jackson

B)           Was performed✅

12.Choose the conjunction of result 

C)           Consequently✅

13.An idiom with negative meaning 

C)           A lazy bone✅

press obligation on when there was no obligation in the past 

C)           Had to/didn`t have to✅

15.Phrasal verb with the some meaning: reduce

D)           Cut down on✅

16.V+ing. She never … doing that 

D)           Persuaded✅

17.A word voyage is suitable

D)           The titanic snac on its first …✅

18.An item of a plant 

D)           Petals✅

19.A noun is not formed from the verb in the same manner

Е) unity ✅

20.Reported questions …

B)           She me asked me if I had been on much be ✅



Article the is NOT used with   

Mount Mont Blanc


The correct linking word               

As soon as I saw it I swam away

Compound noun:   verb+preposition


Ann appropriate relative pronoun

There were at least 15 people in the seminar today, 6 of…were teenagers


6.Both countable and uncountable 


7   Both have the prefix un- to form a negative form


     8.One of the use Past Continuous  

 Action which was in progress and inherited by another


     9. The definition of the “edge”

The part of something that is furthest from the center 


10. The title for the second paragraph

How the black holes are formed


11. Type of conditional sentence

If the Sun were ever to become a black hole, there would still be no danger of Earth falling into it   

The second conditional


12. The title of final paragraph is

Time in black holes


The false statement is

Black Holes are invisible, because the only thing can escape it is in the light



The main idea of article is            

      The importance of genetic and Mendel’s researches


     15.The main idea of article is 

The importance of genetic and Mendel’s researches


16. A true information from the text        

A human may inherit 23 chromosomes one parent


17. The defition of the word  ‘community‘             

A group of people with the same interests


18. A false sentence        

Each chromosome is around two metres in length


19. Tense and voice of the verb in the sentence  

Inherited characteristics were combined to create new characteristics

Past simple passive




1.A necessary modal verb. My computer ….. be old, but it still works reallywell.



2.Define the correct sentence.

Every teacher has to attend the seminar


3.We used it ….. for an action that happened at certain time in the pastbut which had a result in the latest time in the past

Past   perfect


4.Fill in an appropriate indefinite pronoun

Did you buy …… organic from the farmer,s market?



5.Physical or mental disease that lets you continue doing something for a long time.



6.Reporting verb + that



7.Correct  sentence

They  work  harder   than  you







9.A properformofadjective

How's your sister now? is she getting …. ?



10.Choose a common word for 



11.if+  pastsimple…… + bare infinitive 

would| wouldn’t


12.Impersonal construction

It is announced ….


13.The right variant

He waste no time ….. for his family (что-то там еще)



14.Choose the correct phrases with possessive case in singular

Dog’s name


15.A word WITHOUT negative meaning  



16.Complete the sentence 

This house is ……. big 



17.Irregular adjective



18.Can you …. ?I can´t hear you.

Speak up




 19.Find  the sentence   with the meaning   of absence  necessity

You don’t  have  to   go  there





20.One is   not  phrasal  verbs

Take  under




21.The   Gerund  passive 

I  like   being  praised


22.Stative   verb  expressing  feeling   and  emotions

Desire.   Prefer.   Love


22.Phrasal  verb

Cut   down  with




23.Verb  followed   by  V-ing  form



24.Find  the   conditional  sentence

 We’ll  come   by the car provided  our   father   


25.Idiom is    not   used   in sentence

He  is on his  right  place at the



26.It   is  _____   for   her   to lift

Too heavy


  27.Find   Linking words

  As soon as  I saw  him   I  swam away


28.Intransitive  verb



 29.The  verb   is  not  used   with  from




30.Correct   sentence  with  adverbs

 She   absolutely  agreed  with her


31.Past    continuous   definition

An action was  in progress  in the past   interrupted  by another


32. If   she______n out,  she______


Had  gone/ would   have  V3



33.The  wind __  hard   when   I   heard_______

Was  blowing/ knocked


34.Reporting verbs+object +to  infinitive




35.It was ­­­­­­­_______amazing weather they   all went  swimming



36.Both adj and noun



37.One  of the   uses  Pres.Perfect

Action happened at   unstead time in the past


38.Choose  a common word




39.Choose the sentence  with Impersonal  construction

It is announced  that  his……..


40. We  use   conjunction  unless

You  can   stay ,  ………you   don’t   mind  sleepingon the sofa


41.The  correct   form of the  verb: He wasted  no time …… for  his   family  after  the   tsunami


To  look


42.Repoprting  verb+that






44.Indefinite  pronoun





46. If  you___ out   more,   you_ ______ more  friend

Shall  go/ has have   make


47.An  abstract   noun  is  formed   from  an  adj   with  suffix  -ity



48.Both  plural and   and singular  noun



49.We  don’t    use  the  Present   cont. for

Pemament states


50.Linking  words

But/although/in spite of/despite



51.A  correct   form  of the  verb

My  teacher  usuallu ________ to  the   gym  on Sundays



52.Bolat is ______ a summer  as his  sister

Not as good


53._________ Feminy  and  Tesla   changed  the  world   live  in



54.Both  active   and  stative  vertbs



55.Reported  questions

She  asked   me  if I had eve  been on much be



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